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STEM Camps for Level 2 -  Included in after school tuition at no additional cost to parents.


Robotics Camps  

These camps are a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots.  Using LEGO® bricks, kids build a variety of robots.  Kids also learn how to program and operate their creations using a laptop computer.

  • Robots Adventure Stories

Sample Projects:  Students build airplane rescue, a giant escape, and a sailboat storm.

  • Robots Amazing Mechanisms

Sample Projects:  Students build a dancing bird, a smart spinner, and a drumming monkey.

  • Robots Wild Animals

 Sample Projects:  Students build a a hungry alligator, a flying bird, and a roaring lion

  • Play Soccer

Sample Projects: Students build a goal kicker, a goal keeper, and cheerful fans.


Aeronautical Engineering  

Our project's theme is  Sky's The Limit.  Students read stories following India and Jacob as they visit a friend at NASA’s Ames Research Lab. With India and Jacob’s help, kids dive into aeronautical engineering by designing models of flying technologies that help NASA collect aerial photographs. Kids will learn that scientists and engineers often study harsh environments here on Earth (like the largest desert in the world, the Empty Quarter) to understand the environments they might encounter in space.


Aerospace Engineering  

Our project's theme is  LIFTOFF.  Students read stories following Jacob and India.  Jacob is at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory learning how to engineer rovers that can be used to explore faraway worlds. Meanwhile India is learning about the trade-offs and variables involved in engineering a rocket as she blasts off to the International Space Station. Kids will engineer rockets and rovers to help India and Jacob explore several planets and moons in our solar system.


Science of Ginormous Bubbles and Slimes  

Students read stories following Jacob and India.  Jacob and India are in California, and they get to help create a stage show about bubbles for an amusement park! Kids will explore how bubbles, bouncy putty slime, and glowing slime behave and investigate the properties of different materials as they engineer all kinds of bubble wands. The unit wraps up with a Bubble Bonanza Showcase where kids demonstrate their creations to friends, family, and the community.


Earthquake Engineering  

Our project's theme is Shake Things Up! Students read stories following Jacob and India. A huge and very destructive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. Now Jacob and India are there, learning how to support and protect buildings during earthquakes. Your kids will engineer model buildings that are earthquake resistant. They’ll also develop building codes that help others build earthquake resistant structures.


Green Engineering  

Our project's theme is Engineering Recycled Racers.  Students read stories following Jacob and India. India and Jacob visit Senegal, where they’re impressed by the way people recycle items that would ordinarily be discarded, turning them into toys, sculptures, and household objects. Your kids will use recycled materials to engineer their own toy cars, then compete in a Recycled Racer Rally.


Mechanical Engineering 

Our project's theme is Safe Removal of Invasive Species. Students read stories following Jacob and India. Oh no! India and Jacob accidentally brought a cane toad from Australia to New Zealand. Cane toads are pests. They’re an invasive species that hurts native species in Australia--and they could do the same in New Zealand. Kids will help India and Jacob engineer a humane trap to catch the toad.


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