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At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of South Riding you will find the most comprehensive and quality infant care. Our Infant Care program provides a loving and supportive atmosphere that comes with lots of hugs, giggles, and of course, Tummy Time!!

Starting as young as six weeks old, our Infant Care Program offers stimulating and educational activities that foster growth and help achieve developmental milestones. All the love, hugs, and one-on-one attention given by our highly-qualified and compassionate staff team, makes our Infant Care Program the nurturing environment your child needs to thrive.

Our Kids 'R' Kids Tiddler and Infant Care Program Includes:

  • A Safe and Comforting Place that focuses on love and trust
  • American Sign Language Infant-Toddler Sign Language Program  to help children maximize their communication skills
  • Daily Exercises and activities designed to promote physical development
  • Daily Reports and Weekly Lesson Plans to keep you parents informed about their child's emotional, physical and educational development.  

Growth and Adventure

Our infant care program provides learning centers equipped with educational and developmentally appropriate toys and activities designed to promote learning in a fun and exciting environment for your child.

Expanding the imagination and strengthening the muscles has never been this much fun!

Included in our infant care is our extensive Infant-Toddler Sign Language Program that helps eliminate frustration for infants who have not yet developed a verbal vocabulary while introducing age appropriate language skills for non-verbal communication.

The Infant Care Program

Our infant care program consists of four essential components:

  • language development
  • cognitive development
  • physical development
  • social and emotional development


Contact us to find out about our Part Time Full Day (2 days or 3 days)!

At Kids 'R' Kids, we believe in balancing learning with love, laughter, fun, and fitness.

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