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STEM Camps for Level 3 -  Included in after school tuition at no additional cost to parents.



Beginner & Advanced LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Robots

Do your children love LEGO® bricks? Do they like to build? Do robots excite them? Then this is your program. The new EV3 MIndstorms® kits have arrived and we have them! These exciting robotics classes combine the fun of building robots with the ability to program them to do what you want. No experience is required. Students will learn about if/then logic, loops, and other basic programming tools while having tons of fun. If you want your child to embrace STEM, choose this path.

Beginner & Advanced Minecraft™ Machinery

Explore the amazing world of MineCraft™ while learning about engineering, resource management, planning, and survival. Your kids will create their own world and learn to generate mountains, hills, valleys, water and resources. Programming robots to mine resources and harvest wood will introduce basic coding skills. We harness the powerful appeal of MineCraft™ to introduce computer programming and robotics. Your kids will think they’re playing a game, but you know better.


Our project's theme is Food For ThoughtEver wonder how ice cream gets to be so creamy and delicious, cookie gets so chewy or crunchy?  Activities and cooking experiments explore science behind food while learning cooking basics.  Bake up an irresistible batch of sweet treats. In your pop-up kitchen, innovate on dessert classics, whipping up your own unique versions of ice cream, layered cookies, candy cups and mini cupcakes. Be a visionary as you find inventive ways to use your kitchen tools and reinvent recipes.

Explore the concept of balancing flavors. Practice changing the ratio of flour and liquids in your dishes to achieve different textures and tastes. Learn the techniques behind making ice cream and collaborate to make tasty dessert toppings like sauces, sprinkles or candied seeds for a Sundae Bar. Hone your plating skills. Plan and bake up a signature dessert, then taste, tweak and redesign it for ultimate deliciousness. Serve your dish at an end-of-session dessert fair and take home a recipe book of all the treats you created.

 | Sample Projects:  homemade icecream, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and more ...

*Our chefology curricula are designed to accommodate those campers with food allergies. None of the chefology recipes require nuts (tree nuts or legumes) and there are no nuts of any type in the classroom. All dairy and gluten recipes have dairy-free and gluten-free alternative ingredients, but dairy and wheat will be present in the classroom. Please note that some food items used in the classroom may have been processed in facilities that also process nuts and/or wheat products.  If you need greater clarification or have allergy concern that is not addressed here, please contact our office at info@krksouthriding.com

Inventor's Workshop

Use your knowledge of parallel and series circuits to build an electric car. Learn about joinery and the physics of levers and pulleys as you collaborate with your fellow inventors to construct weight-bearing cardboard chairs and giant Rube Goldberg machines. Reflect on a problem you want to solve, then devise an invention to address it. Test, evaluate, and redesign your prototype before finalizing your design. Present your original invention, as well as the process and prototypes behind it, at your end-of-session open house.

Digital Photography (Age 11+)

Take your photography skills to the next level. Use a Nikon 3000 series DSLR camera and Adobe Photoshop Elements to produce pictures like a pro. Study innovative photography practices and experiment with artistic and technical tricks of the trade. Take a visionary approach to capturing what you see as you hone your photographer's eye.

Learn to manually adjust aperture and shutter speed to take photos that tell a story. Design a series of photo shoots, including an action shoot to capture people in motion and a portrait session that expresses emotion. Reflect on a topic you’re passionate about, then create a PSA that incorporates both your image and text. Learn advanced post-production skills like adjusting highlights and shadows. Experiment with light painting. Host an end-of-session gallery opening to share your favorite pieces. Take home your digital portfolio of images and a curated photo board with your favorite printed pictures.

Paint on Canvas 

Our paint on Casvas  is a after school camp offers a FUN diverse arts curriculum geared to toward exercise imaginations, and painting without fear for Ages  2-14.  We provide all the supplies and all the fun!


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