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Spring Break Camp

Where Science and Technology Connect!   

Camp options and decriptions are below.  To register email Linh@krksouthriding.com or stop by Kids 'R' Kids to pick up registration form. 




Jr. Chemist

Category: Grades K-1st

It’s time for sticky glues, wild brews, and and bubbling goos! From our stockpile of hundreds of recipes and formulas, we have chosen our favorite chemistry activities where students will learn to hypothesize, observe, concoct, and develop scientific skills which help them explore the world around them . Campers will love digging into and examining the results of these crazy chemical concoctions, while exploring the scientific reasons why chemical reactions occur.

Sample Projects: Blob Explosions, Funny Putty, Magic Bubble Paint, Make Your Own Chewing Gum.

In addition: Campers will create several other wacky, wild and crazy concoctions! Our Jr. Chemists will realize the importance of measurement and sequencing as they use a taco sauce creation to clean pennies and investigate candy chromatography.

Advanced Minecraft Game Design

Category: Grades 2nd-5th


Minecraft is a block-building sandbox game with no set rules, where you can build anything you can possibly imagine.

Allowing players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive, Minecraft has created a new type of gaming environment. For veteran gamers, this camp will assist your survival and creativity as you learn new strategies from the creators themselves.

This camp is for those campers that have already been playing Minecraft. Campers learn how to make modifications and use Redstone to expand their creative abilities.

All campers are required to have a Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at minecraft.net/store. Campers should bring their account login when they come to camp.         


Camp Fees:

Minimum of 8 students required, maximum of 20 students allowed per class.

  • Full Day 9:00am – 4:00pm………
    • $125/week - Kindergarten/Kinder Enrichment
    • $275 - School Age
    • $325 - New Families
  • Pre-camp 6:30 am – 9:00 am…..
    • $50 for the week
  • Post-camp 4:00 pm –6:30 pm…
    • $50 for the week
  • Field Trip Fee:
    • $10 (Bowl America Chantilly)
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