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Spanish Immersion Enrichment

Spanish immersion program is taught by degree Spanish Teacher, small group instruction, all instructions are in Spanish.

Our Spanish immersion program meets and exceeds all State early childhood development and Preschool standards. What differentiates our program from others is our teaching philosophy and approach. Each child is an individual and learns in different ways. Our teachers understand and value each child’s individuality. Our program uses a differentiated, thematic,songs hands-on educational approach to develop each child’s self-confidence, independence, literacy and academic curiosity to set a strong academic foundation that nurtures the child’s love for learning!

In addition to Spanish language fluency, our curriculum includes literacy, math, language arts, science, social studies / cultures, technology / library, art, physical education, music and theater. Our approach uses a variety of sensory experiences and is designed to provide interactive and hands on activities that promote social, emotional and academic / cognitive developmental through differentiated learning.

The Preschool program is a full language immersion program. Our native Spanish speaking teachers share their love of their country, passion for education, customs and native speaking dialect with each child! Our teachers hold degrees in education and hail from Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Cuba to name a few. Our program provides the advantages of Spanish fluency to help each child reach their full academic potential. We offer small class sizes, differentiated learning, individualized attention and one-on-one instruction (when required) to prepare your child for Global success!


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