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After School Enrichment for Grades Prek - 8th


Welcome to KRK After School Program serving our South Riding students grades K-8! From 3pm–6:30pm, your child can participate in a number of activities, enjoy a snack, and receive homework help. One of the most exciting things about the program are the clubs we offer. We will provide your child with the opportunity to learn skills in music, science, technology, language, sports and many more!

Pokemon Club
Using an academic approach of creative learning, students will be engaged in pokemon themed activities that hide the hidden treasure of learning!
Beginning Ukulele
Begining Ukulele for JK, Kindergarten or students who are not ready for Intermediate Ukulele.
Intermediate Ukulele
Intermediate Ukulele. For students who can proficiently play C, F, G & A Minor Chords.
Bucket Drumming
Bucket drumming is a percussion ensemble where students read, write, practice, rehearse and perform their own musical compositions. They read and write standard drum music notation that has been adapted to be played on a standard five gallon plastic bucket. Regular drum sticks and sticking technique is used.
Students sing music in unison and parts to help develop independence as a singer.
Boomwhaker Club
The Boomwhacker Ensemble is a small percussion group. If you are interested in music, but don't think that singing is for you, this is a great opportunity to join!
Musical Instrument Makers
Learn about cultural instruments and create your own instruments.
Mary Poppins
For all students currently enrolled in Mary Poppins. Final show is very soon, so we will be practicing every day from 4:00-4:30.
Service Club
Each week students will have a planned activity. Below are the activities the students will be creating and learning about. Most items will be provided by KRK however there will be times when we will be asking our service students to donate items. 
SWAT stands for Students Who Assist Teachers. SWAT membershelp students, staff, and parents before and after school and during special events. These students receive training in matters such as courteous greetings, assisting others, and maintaining a safe environment. They will help in a classroom weekly for 15 minutes doing simple chores/activities like dishwashing, placing papers in take home bins, cutting classroom materials, organizing toys, placing toys in the zono bins and such.
Pen Pal Club
Have a student who loves to write or may need more help in doing so? Join our Pen Pal club where students will be having Pen Pals with residences in nursing home facilities.
Math Club
Through board games & hands on activities students will be learning all forms of math skills.
Engages students in challenging STEM activities while creating anddesigning hands-on projects. Students will be presented with openended STEM problems and share ideas with one another.
Cooking Club
Combining farm fresh ingredients, and creative recipes highlighting seasonal offerings at Kids R Kids this season as our program provides interactive, hands-on cooking classes right in your child's classroom.
Website Design Club
Students will be using various platforms to build websites that are personal to their own interest. Using programs like Google Sites, Wix & Squarespace students will explore editing templates, creating designs and more.
Jr. Engineering Club
Snap Circuts, Lego & Programing themed board games are all introduced during this class.
Jr. Engineering Club
Typing classes are available for individuals who wish to enhance their keyboarding skills and become more efficient typists.
Building & Engineering Club
The Engineering Club introduces students to the modern concepts of engineering through demonstrations, build projects, and hosting of engaging speakers. The club's goal is to educate students and promote interest in the field of engineering.
Spanish Club
The course introduces everyday language and includes activities to practice all four language skills: reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.
Conversational Italian
Students will learn basic Italian words and greetings. Each class students will be learning words and phrased based off of themes.
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