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Kids 'R' Kids of South Riding  STEAM  Afterschool Classes are for elementary and middle school age children.  Our afterschool classes are hands-on and project based.

From the moment our students get off the bus to 6:30pm our students are engaged in our after school classes or clubs as the kids call them.  During the week, we offer 25 various clubs.

Kids 'R' Kids of South Riding is not your typical child care center, we are the best private child care, best preschool in South Riding Virginia!

Our Teaching Methods

1.  CONTEXTUAL LEARNING and PROBLEM SOLVING.   Design challenges show students how what they learn in school connects with the world around them

2.  COLLABORATIVE LEARNING AND TEAMWORK.  Most activities involve small-group work that encourages students to consider more than one solution or idea and learn to work collaboratively

3.  COMMUNICATION.  All APEAS curriculum develops students' communication skills and encourages them to share ideas in several ways:  speaking, writing, drawing, and building

4.  PROJECT-BASED LEARNING.  APEAS is designed with challenges that will engage students through inquiry.  As they analyze their own data and make a decision about their design, students engage with contents, hone their critical thinking skills, and take ownership of their learning

5.  LEARNING SHOULD BE FUN!  We went over hundreds of engineering and science projects and selected the best of the best.


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