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I am so glad I signed my daughter up with Kids R Kids. Ms. Jaimie is a delight and is making my daughter's transition easier than expected with her charming personality and extra care. With their academic program and offerings, I am positive it will be one of the top schools in the State very soon.

-Nora M. 


After visiting almost 10 schools, I chose Kids R Kids. They have art, dance, robotics, STEM, and many other classes incorporated into their daily curriculum. The staff and teachers are also amazing, kind, and professional. The owners are also extremely welcoming, great with all the kids,  are an active part of the school, and have a vested interest  in their employees and their families. I am can't tell you how happy I am that my daughter is attending Kids R Kids and feel so at ease knowing she is getting the educational and social skills necessary to start kindergarten next year.

My daughter told me she wants to go there forever!  And that's a huge positive sign of the impact the school and the teachers  have had on her. 

-Reem K. 


By the time I drop my child off, I'm ready for coffee break number 2 after dealing with the morning sluggishness and tantrums of a toddler. But when we arrive everyone is so warm, teachers included, that both my child and I ease back into "relax mode". It seriously takes a cadre of special people to work with both children and parents, and I am ecstatic that they all seem to be part of the Kids 'R' Kids family.

-Domonique C.


It is difficult leaving such a little baby in the care of others, but I have no doubts when I drop my baby off. He is being well cared for , his needs are being met and the cleanliness of the facility is outstanding.

Each person I have come in contact with at KIDS R KIDS has been nothing but wonderful.  

-Julie L.


Immediately addressed every concern, suggestion etc which tells me my opinion matters. Extremely refreshing!!

-Elizabeth G.


We could not be happier with the teachers at Kids 'R' Kids!  As a family that is new to daycare, we feel our three girls were given the best possible introduction to school.  All three kids are adjusting well...and so are their parents! 

Miss Jamie is always smiling!  Her warm, loving personality create such a sweet environment for the kids.  We love watching our girls run up to her for hugs and cuddles.  Our girls are so attached to her! 
Miss Tammy is a wealth of baby knowledge.  She has gone above and beyond to help us work through feeding issues and food intolerances.  Despite a room full of babies, she seems to have every aspect of each baby's day memorized and gives such a wonderfully detailed report at the end of each day.   
-Ashley H.
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