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Art Robot moves a paint brush to paint digital art work onto paper.  Beyond simple fun, we think that Art Robot has enormous potential for STEM and STEAM education, especially as a way to get young people engaged with hands-on technology and robotics. We are particularly interested finding ways to inspire young girls to pursue careers in science and technology. We cannot imagine any better way to do so, than starting with a robot co-designed by a 12 year old girl.

A Kids ‘R’ Kids of South Riding, we provide opportunities for young children to build and learn about computer numerical control and to learn how to program a robot.

Topics we will explore using Art Robot:

Art: Make paintings, and explore other media that can be used with the Art Robot. Can you do oil paints or pastels? Investigate the differences when translating artwork between different media (e.g., photos, watercolor, sketches).

Science (Physics): Additive and subtractive colors, color mixing, surface tension, wetting to surfaces, thermal conductivity, simple machines, pulleys, winches, force diagrams, tension, friction, the relationship between torque and force, electrical power, strength of materials, flexibility of materials, elasticity. Electrical conductivity experiments and electrostatic boundary value problems (with lines drawn by pencil).

Science (Chemistry): Solubility, evaporation, chromatography. Potentially electrochemistry (etching and plating) with pen plating and similar setups.

Science (Biology): Sample preparation, using the Art Robot to paint bacteria onto agar or using the Art Robot as a pipettor. Painting (e.g.,) moss spores onto surfaces for growth. Painting chemical inhibitors for culture growth.

Technology & engineering: Lithography (using an etch-resist pen). Printed electronics, using a conductive pen to create circuits. Introducing students to design software, CAD, and numerical control concepts.

Engineering (Mechanical): Motion control, power transmission, DC and stepper motors, linear translation mechanisms, rotary translation mechanisms, manufacturing processes.

Engineering (Electrical): Circuit design, microcontrollers, power supplies, voltage regulators, digital logic interfaces, H-bridges and motor control.

Engineering (Software): Communicate directly with the EBB, or interface with the Art Robot API. Introductory programming. Computer graphics. Numerical control. Firmware design. Build your own Art Robot software to do one or more of the other projects listed here. Control the Art Robot directly from Scratch or Snap! programming environments.

Mathematics: Paint tangrams and cut them out. Prove the pythagorean theorem. Geometric constructions. Graphing functions and data. Coordinate systems.


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